Hunted Gods

This game has been Greenlit by the Community! Steam 2018


4 stars Newground game. Play it

Talentos Senac - Stand Games

Games developed by my students in Madureira Park, Rio de Janeiro (Talentos Senac 2014).

You are Surrounded (Virtual Reality Zombie Game)

One million downlaods on Google Play!Play it

Student Games - Presentation

3D Games developed by my students in Senac, Rio de Janeiro (2015).

Conexão Futura - Mercado de Games - 04/05/2015

Participation in the TV program called "Conexão Futura", talk about the video game industry.

Creative Machine (Prime / FINEP)

I was director of this social game for for collaborative literature, one of the projects contemplated by PRIME (First Innovative Company Program) funded by FINEP (Financier of Studies and Projects) - 2009.

Galaxy Runner (Square-Enix)

My game finalist in Square-Enix Latin America Game Contest 2012. Play it.

The Little Match Girl.(Tv Brasil)

I worked as director of this animation inspired by Hans C. Andersen. The animation uses a technique of cel shading to look like a live painting. The film has been shown, for example:

  • Animania Program, Tv Brazil. The film was shown in the special Christmas program (December / 2010) on channel 2.
  • Anim!Art  2009 - 2nd Trophy. place 
  • XII National Festival 5 Minutes
  • 8th. Children's Cinema Displays Florianópolis

Letris (Sec. de Estado de Cultura do RJ)

I worked as director that game sponsored by State Secretariat of Culture of the Rio de Janeiro.

Alice in WordLand (Telemig Celular Games 2007)

I acted as a game designer of the game award in cultural contest Telemig Celular Games 2007, entitled "Palavras Mágicas".

 Interactive Training (Rick Pimental)

I programmed an interactive training for executives in Unity 3D

War of Dragons (Global Game Jam 2012 Winner)

Acted as game director and programmer in this work that won the GlobalGame Jam 2012 in Rio de Janeiro - Seven Games. Play it

Sound Walker

I acted as game designer and programmer of this "musical-platform" game with more than 150,000 plays on Kongregate. Play it.

Alice in PuzzleLand (XBOX 360 and PC)

I worked in the direction of game design and art.

"O visual dos games lembra o excelente trabalho feito pela Rare em Donkey Kong Country no SNES" (EGM Brazil #84)

Ninja Defense (Mobjoy)

I developed this iPhone game to the studio Mobjoy

GRitar Hero: Para nossa Alegria

Game parody, play it.

Tribal Snake

Game for Global Game Jam 2009

Young Prayer from sugarcane

Poetry video that I directed

The Truth about Toads

Super Mario Bros Parody. I worked as an animator and director.

Animation Cell Shading

Proposal of animation for a social networking website

EGM Brasil  #84

Article about my studio in magazine EGM Brasil  #84. Read the article.

Hell Jump

Game for SPJam 2011

EGW #97

EGW magazine article about online gaming service created by me. Read the article.

Revista FAPERJ Pesquisa Rio   ANO III,  #10.

Article about the ex-incubator of my studio in Pesquisa Rio magazine. 

Super Mario no Rio de Janeiro

Third parody of Super Mario Bros

Luigi's Epic Fail

Another Super Mario Bros Parody. 

EGW #101

This is an article of mine on the market in the EGW magazine # 101. Read the article.

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